Line Construction Services

What Rock Creek Can Do For You

We take pride in our reputation as a company that can get the job done, no matter how large or small. We are known for our safe work practices and keeping the job running smoothly and efficiently. Overall, if it has to do with overhead line construction we are capable of completing any job. We are proud to work with our customers on a one-to-one level to make sure the job is designed in the most productive manner.

We get the job done no matter how large or small.

We get the job done no matter how large or small.

Rock Creek has the ability to do but is not limited to:

  • We Construct High Voltage Power Lines
    We rebuild or upgrade existing power lines. We can also construct or build new lines. We have a walk around of the work site accessing the safest most productive way to lay existing wire out and replace all necessary poles. We do this with the least amount of outage time for the customer.

  • We Build Distribution Switch Yards & Substations

  • We Work Energized Power Lines Up To 25 kv
    When it is important to keep the power on, we can work live wires up to 25kv. We know that the disruption of power can be inconvenient for our customers. When your business depends on the uninterrupted continuation of your work day we can work safely and quickly to complete our job and keep the power on for you.

  • We Construct Transmission Lines
    Rock Creek has the experience in constructing and maintenance of transmission lines up to 69KV.

  • We Complete Termination of Underground Distribution Systems
    Rock Creek has the experience for any splicing of underground cable, transformers and switchgears.

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On behalf of Delaware Electric Cooperative, please accept our heartfelt thanks for providing aid during the snow storm we experienced earlier this year. It has indeed been a tough winter for us, and we appreciate your assistance and support in our restoration efforts. Together, we were able to restore our members in a safe and expedient manner. Again, thank you for your support and help!
— Kenneth M. Ellers. P.E., Delaware Electric Cooperative